Napa Valley Contemporary Farmhouse

This contemporary farmhouse sits comfortably in a Napa Valley vineyard, designed to enhance both sun and shade.  Its’ simple forms reflect its’ origins as a farm property.  The clean lines and modern materials are low maintenance, practical for relaxing at this country home.

The Main House is divided into wings, which allows the house to expand easily to host a 100 person party or shrink to be cozy enough for two.  Its’ axis, accentuated by a courtyard and lap pool, is oriented to center on the view down the valley.  The light-filled interior spaces have a sculptural quality that flow seamlessly into the outdoors with windows that go down to the floor.  Whimsical details and colors create a fun and casual atmosphere.

Reflecting the local vernacular, the tower houses an office and allows the owners to capture the surrounding valley views from  the second floor cocktail room.  The purposely secluded Guest House affords a great view straight down the rows of grapes.  The placement of the garage along the road works with the other buildings to create a cozy private courtyard – perfect for enjoying the winter sun.

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